• My husband and I have been married for 38 years and learned things about one another and stretched our communication and connection muscles as we played this game. We enjoyed it and sent games to each of our 4 married kids and have gotten positive feedback from them, as well. It's definitely worth the money and is a great tool to get us talking. My husband is retired now and talking still isn't something we do often. LOL He's a touch guy, and I want him to talk to me, so we both win.
  • We were hesitant at first, but ended up really enjoying it! It was a perfect way to break down at the end of the day and connect with each other in an easy low-stress way. My husband wasn't sure if it would do anything for us. We are snuggly people and we feel we communicate really well. This game STILL taught us things about each other we didn't know, and in a fun way. Some of the touches could be awkward at first, but they mostly had us giggling together- which was awesome. So thank you!
  • Been having fun going through a couple of cards every once in a while with my fiance. Even if we don't do the touching part the exact way as the card, there are many subjects it brings up to talk about so we learn even more about each other. Recommend if your love language is "Touch."
  • These were a great purchase! I wanted something to get closer to my boyfriend since he has been traveling a lot. There are lots of cards so lots of different things to try, simple but intimate! Great for an evening in to relax and get to know your special someone a little deeper!
  • I purchased this to help get my husband and I reconnected. This is a sweet game that helps start conversations. I love it. Highly recommend!
  • Touch and Tell is a great way to connect or reconnect with your partner in a simple and quick way. I love connection and this game helps build it. It has become my go to present for weddings, anniversaries and Christmas presents!
  • I was has having issues in my relationship. This game was fun and helpful. It brought the spark back along with increased intimacy. We also learned new things about each other. I was shocked that my boyfriend asked if we could play some more cards over a week later.
  • I have been using this game as an indicator for whether I should keep dating a woman, and get to know her better. It is safe to play on a second or third date. Playing Touch and Tell helps me find out how we will interact long term and how comfortable we are talking instead of just being physical, but also still having a chance to determine chemistry in a comfortable way for both of us.

    I think this is an invaluable tool in discovering myself and more about the people I am trying to develop a relationship with. Connection matters in long term relationships, something like this that helps people build connections are more deeply valuable in life than most things we seem to put value into.