• How many cards are in each deck?

    250! It would take the average couple over 24 hours to play every card in the deck. Each card is open-ended enough to be played over and over and have a unique experience each time, so you have endless hours of game play!

  • How long does the game last?

    It’s up to you! Recommended game play is one hour. There is no official end to the game – you decide when you’re done drawing cards to play.

  • What is the object of the game?

    To connect with one another and have fun! There is no winner or loser in this two player game, and the game ends when you decide you’re done drawing cards to play.

    If you want to be more competitive, try to challenge one another and provide answers that your partner may not expect. It’s amazing what you can learn about one another!

  • What kind of couple is Touch & Tell for?

    Any couple. Dating or married, kids or no kids, young or old, homosexual or heterosexual, new couple or been together for decades, madly in love or on the brink of a breakup, loves to talk or loves to touch, or anything in between!

  • I have physical limitations, how physically demanding are the cards?

    There are definitely some creative moves in Touch & Tell, but the majority of cards are played sitting next to one another. Use your own discretion to skip the cards that aren’t right for you, and you will likely still be able to enjoy the vast majority of the game without ever leaving the couch.

  • Can I play Touch & Tell on a first date?

    Go for it! Touch & Tell is the fuel for connection and you can burn it however you want. Over 90% of the cards can be comfortably played on a first date if you are ready to be playful and vulnerable with your partner, and you can get creative with the other 10% of the cards!

  • How do I know Touch & Tell will help my relationship?

    Science! Touch & Tell helps you take the time to touch, snuggle, massage, etc., which can release oxytocin in your brain. Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter that is nicknamed “the love drug” because it helps reduce anxiety, increase trust, and lays the foundation for genuine connection between people. Couple that with conversational prompts that lead to sincere, heartfelt sharing, and a few laughs in between, and you can’t go wrong!

  • Where can I buy Touch & Tell?

    You can buy Touch & Tell by clicking here

    Wholesale – Touch & Tell is available for wholesale purchase, please click the Wholesale link at the very bottom of the webpage.

  • My question wasn’t addressed here, what do I do?

    Please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Where can I purchase as a retailer?

    Touch & Tell is available for wholesale purchase to retailers. Please submit your information on our wholesale page.