Empowered Woman

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Thank you for reading about Touch & Tell in The Empowered Woman’s Path.

I hope my story resonated with you. Enjoy your free gift of this digital content with your own sample Touch & Tell cards! To purchase the game and have unlimited access to all 250 cards, please click the link below. Be sure to leave a review once you’ve played and let me know about the improved connection in your relationship!

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How can Touch & Tell help you and your relationship?

Touch & Tell is specifically formulated for couples to feel connected on a neurological level. As you play each card, you will invite your partner to engage with you using multiple senses that are paired systematically to create a beautiful vulnerability between the two of you. This will invite your brain to release oxytocin. Oxytocin is a powerful neurotransmitter that reduces anxiety and establishes a genuine love bond. Touch & Tell can strengthen your love connection with your partner by harnessing the incredible power of your mind when you allow yourself to be playful and vulnerable.

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