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What is Touch & Tell?

Touch & Tell is a card game for couples that creates conversation and connection. With 250 cards perfect for ANY couple, this makes the perfect gift. Each card tells you how to touch, and what to tell. The combination of unique touches and conversation prompts will create a vulnerability that invites your brain to release oxytocin. This rush of oxytocin creates and builds a powerful love bond between couples.

What is the object of the game?

To connect with one another and have fun! Each card tells you how to touch and what to tell. Playing this game will increase the emotional intimacy in your relationship. There is no winner or loser in this two-player game, and the game ends when you decide you’re done drawing cards to play. If you want to be more competitive, try to challenge one another and provide answers that your partner may not expect. It’s amazing what you can learn about one another!

What kind of couple is Touch & Tell for?

Any couple. Dating or married, kids or no kids, young or old, diverse couples, new couple or been together for decades, madly in love or on the brink of a breakup, loves to talk or loves to touch, or anything in between!

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The Touch & Tell Story

A note from the creator of Touch & Tell:

I was being creative about putting a date together in 2017 and wrote a few conversation starters on index cards with a black marker. I thought of including a few touches on a couple of the conversation starters, and the name “Touch & Tell” came to mind. In less than a year, I turned my 20 hand-written index cards into a 250 card game that every couple could use to create conversation and connection.

Touch & Tell was born with great care and consideration of the couples that it would be bringing together. My passion and intuition guides me through life, and Touch & Tell was no exception! My hope is that you will be playful and vulnerable with one another and create lasting connections that enhance your life. Have fun!


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How can Touch & Tell help you and your relationship?

Touch & Tell is specifically formulated for couples to feel connected on a neurological level. As you play each card, you will invite your partner to engage with you using multiple senses that are paired systematically to create a beautiful vulnerability between the two of you. This will invite your brain to release oxytocin. Oxytocin is a powerful neurotransmitter that reduces anxiety and establishes a genuine love bond. Touch & Tell can strengthen your love connection with your partner by harnessing the incredible power of your mind when you allow yourself to be playful and vulnerable.

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